Google will build 180 satellites to spread Internet access

Ramiro Helmeyer nos comenta

Google continues to break the league. This time communications titan moves decisively in its plans to gain access to satellite Internet in the most remote places on earth.

As reported by «The Wall Street Journal» , the search giant is preparing to build 180 satellites » small , high capacity » that would be in low orbit and provide Internet connections to underserved areas.

Details of the apparatus are not explicit , but it is speculated that the company could double the number of satellites if the project starts well . A company spokesman did not confirm or deny such efforts , but stressed that having an Internet link «significantly improves the lives of people.»

Experts estimate , the initiative could cost Google between one and three billion dollars. However, the satellites could eventually redeemed themselves to really be an extension of the idea behind the Loon balloons Project , as in getting more people are online, increase public advertisements , thus improving Google revenues .