King of Spain next to his son and successor for the first time after abdicating

Ramiro Helmeyer nos comenta

King Juan Carlos and his son and successor , Prince of Asturias, today appeared together in public for the first time since the monarch on Monday announced his abdication.

Both appeared relaxed and smiling during a military ceremony at the Monastery of San Lorenzo de El Escorial , near Madrid , which was attended by the chiefs of staff of Earth and Air .

The event preceded the chapter meeting of the Order of San Hermenegildo , convened on the occasion of his second bicentennial.

Uniforms captain general and lieutenant colonel Army, respectively , the king and the prince came to this town , where they expected a large number of residents and tourists with shouts of » Long live the King » and numerous journalists.

King Juan Carlos , who was leaning on his stick and he was seen smiling and Prince Philip , will happen in a few days as head of state and supreme commander of the armed forces, saluted the civil and military authorities on arrival.

Next Sunday is scheduled the celebration in Madrid of the main events of the Day of the Armed Forces , other occasion no doubt be full of symbolism and chair the King with Queen Sofia and the princes of Asturias, after which there will be a reception officer in the Royal Palace.