Director fired Houses of the World by not showing young paraplegic

Ramiro Helmeyer nos comenta

The fastest dismissal in the history of the World Cup is probably the director suffered cameras transmitting the inaugural World after he was removed from office after failing to hold images show play of honor where a young brazuca paraplegic kicked the ball.

There were also other details that the director was removed from the team whose mission is to take care that the images of all incidents occurring in the stadium and forward them to international signals.

Kick off the 2014 World Cup did not give him any agent or any authority of Fifa, but a paraplegic using an «exoskeleton», a facility developed by the team of scientific Brazilian neuroscientist Miguel Nicolelis.

The device, which was considered a display of science largest economy in Latin America in an event like the World Cup, was successfully tested and Juliano Pinto, 29, who does not move the trunk or legs, managed to kick the first ball tournament.

With the exoskeleton, a suit with sensors that identify computer designed for paraplegic movements, the young man managed to kick the ball.

The scene takes less than 15 seconds and go unnoticed in much of the stadium, as took place after the opening ceremony and not seconds before the Brazil-Croatia game.

«We did it!» He said in his Twitter account the scientist, professor at Duke University, United States and a football fan and club Palmeiras.