Suspended Delivery Rates for English courses in Ireland

Ramiro Helmeyer nos comenta

In a statement the National Foreign Trade Centre (Cencoex) announced it will not grant authorizations currency, or principal or subsequent to study English in the Republic of Ireland.

The Cencoex also granted an amount equivalent to 1,000 euros to facilitate the return of Venezuelans who are in Ireland and having a request for additional support due.

The move comes about that were detected five schools of languages ​​incurred in alleged corruption offenses, which consisted in granting «False Attendance Records» for foreign students, instead of going to their courses, were devoted to work thus violating visa rules. So the decision to suspend the flow of currency was taken.

The language schools were closed by the Irish government following an investigation by the Immigration and Naturalization Service Irish (Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service – INIS). These were: Eden College, Kavanag College, Irish Business School, College and Cork’s Millenium Allied Irish College.

«Language schools captured foreign students offering English courses to ‘very low’ to accede to ‘student visa’, being the true purpose guaranteed access to the Irish labor market and in the case of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela, to facilitate the allocation of foreign exchange by way of fraud, «the report said.