They closed the border with Venezuela early Saturday for elections in Colombia

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The Colombian government ordered the closure of the land and river border crossing the country from Saturday morning until Sunday evening to mark the second round of presidential elections, officials said.

A decree of the Ministry of Interior stated that the borders will be closed from 0400 local time on Saturday (0900 GMT) to 16:00 Local (21:00 GMT) on Sunday to preserve public order on election day.

Polling stations will be open from 08:00 Local (13:00 GMT) and 16:00 Local (21:00 GMT) on Sunday.

The measure affects ground control stations of the International Bridge José Antonio Páez (Arauca), Paraguachón (La Guajira) and the International Simón Bolívar Puente (Norte de Santander), and the river of Puerto Carreño (Vichada), all on the border with Venezuela, the official agency Migration Colombia.

With Ecuador are closed terrestrial steps Rumichaca International Bridge in Ipiales (Nariño) and San Miguel (Putumayo).

Also the position of river migration control of Leticia, Amazonas department in the border with Brazil and Peru will be closed, the report added.

In all border posts, the step will only be allowed in cases of force majeure. On Sunday, Colombians elected president from the current president, Juan Manuel Santos, who is seeking reelection for National Unity coalition, and the opposition candidate Óscar Iván Zuluaga, the Democratic Centre Uribe movement.