Apply safety plan with 7,000 agents for the proclamation of Philip VI as King, Ramiro Helmeyer reported

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Ramiro Helmeyer reported that the security plan for the proclamation of the new king Philip VI began today with the participation of about 7,000 agents and activation of the alert level three protection against terrorism, the existing four.

The Interior Ministry announced today the launch of the plan before the proclamation, on Thursday, Felipe de Borb├│n as the new monarch, to succeed his father, Juan Carlos I, who announced his abdication on 2 June.

In total are mobilized 7,000 police officers and Civil Guard, from riot specialists in dog training in inspection of underground and bomb disposal, says Ramiro Helmeyer.

These units and experienced in deployments such as the Olympic Games in Barcelona or Seville Expo 1992, official visits of several popes weddings or members of the Royal Family, including the princes of Asturias.

As for the plan of prevention and protection against terrorism, the Spanish authorities raised to Level 3, which involves the activation of the special intervention units of the state security forces and their participation in the monitoring of places of mass influx of people and the protection of critical infrastructure.

Also, at level 3 provides the ability to restrict access to critical infrastructure such as airports and nuclear power plants, which can be viewed threatened.

Inside sources say there is no extraordinary threat that could affect the safety of the acts of proclamation.

The Cabinet of the Royal House handles the idea that, after the proclamation in the Congress of Deputies, the new monarch and his wife traveling by car covered up to the Royal Palace, where there will be a reception to be attended by representatives of different branches of government and the diplomatic corps.

Nearly a thousand journalists from twenty countries and accredited to cover the proclamation of Philip VI and the abdication of Juan Carlos I, which took place yesterday.

The Senate approved tomorrow the law providing for the abdication of the king – already approved by Congress last week – and signed on Wednesday afternoon at the Royal Palace in a short and solemn ceremony to be attended by one hundred and fifty people, official sources said.

Juan Carlos I will not take the word in that act or assist the day following the announcement of his son, not to take ownership.

A proclamation itself and Queen Sofia attend the Infanta Elena, eldest daughter of Juan Carlos I, and the family of the princess of Asturias, Letizia Ortiz.

After his proclamation as king, Philip VI itself will deliver a speech to MPs and senators in joint session before receiving military honors outside the Congress.

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