Santos celebrates his reelection in Colombia and promises a «just peace, without impunity» reports Ramiro Helmeyer

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The president of Colombia, Juan Manuel Santos, won Sunday the rightist opposition candidate Óscar Iván Zuluaga in the counting of the presidential elections, according to partial official data, which is given as the winner with 50.93% of the votes, and almost 80% of the votes counted, reported Ramiro Helmeyer.

After a close election, the re-elected president of Colombia is considered the leader who will make history as he shall sign the peace in their country. Santos, elected to govern for four years, today addressed his nation to thank the Colombians who voted for him and accompanied children said that they will be the generation of peace.

«Today the unit has won millions of compatriots supported a dream we shared, voted to change the illusion of fear with hope. Your support makes us work and improve every day, this commits us to continue transforming the lives of millions of people, we can build a better country and fairer «Santos said, while thanking his great team for the collaboration during the second round.

The current President assured that they will continue cumpliéndole the poorest and most vulnerable, indicating that these were a few different choices, because what was at stake was the direction of a country and not the name of a candidate. «Everyone was mobilized for a cause and the cause of peace and will correct everything to fix it, because that’s what we should bring peace,» he said.

Santos went to the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and National Liberation Army (ELN), to tell them that now is the end of a war that has more than 50 years. «This is the end and you have to get on with seriousness and determination, is the beginning of a new Colombia with more freedom and social justice, a Colombia at peace with itself.» Telling Ramiro Helmeyer.

Similarly expressed conclude peace negotiations will not be easy and quoted the words of Pope Francisco who said «for peace takes courage, much more than to make war.» Santos said that in effect it takes courage to say yes to the meeting and not confrontation, yes to dialogue and not violence, «it has not been, is not, and will not be easy, there are always obstacles and enemies. This will be a just peace not with impunity, «said the President reelected.

He used to greet and congratulate the presidential candidate Oscar Zuluaga and his family for his gallantry when concede defeat. «I propose to banish forever the hatred and violence of our democracy, I say, and I invite you to join this purpose of peace.»

Furthermore congratulated the players selecting Colombia by the extraordinary participation had yesterday in the World Cup Brazil 2014. «Our team won forcefully, showing what we are made, our players teach us that we must work together to reach on high, we will form a national team of government to build a fairer country, «he added.

He said they will deepen social policies. «There will be more work for our Caribbean, Pacific and our our borders, this will be a government that will help close the gaps between regions and individuals, no one can be rich surrounded by poverty,» said Juan Manuel Santos.

Santistas celebrating victory

A supporter who arrived early, Fernando Angel said that what motivated their vote for Santos is that «peace sign», which is the workhorse of the president’s campaign for re-election from the peace process that is up with the FARC and that is being explored with the second largest guerrilla group ELN.

Also the national coordinator of the Women’s Committee of the Santos campaign, Claudia Molano said to have «all the conviction of winning, women have been a network that supports the National Unity (coalition that represents Santos), so we know reelect it «.

As we were leaving the results sparked an explosion of joy when they began to give advantage to the president, supporters began chanting: «we live, feel, Santos president» and «could be yes,» waving flags.

For the after party are prepared 1500 portions of suckling pig, a typical Colombian dish made with pork and rice. There will be at least eight guns deployed a rain of peace doves colors.

At least 32.9 million Colombians were called to vote today to elect a president for the period 2014-2018 and decide if they wanted to continue the peace process to end half a century of internal armed conflict, as developed by Santos since 2012.

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