Develop a smart glasses for people with limited vision

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Scientists at England’s University of Oxford today unveiled a smart glasses that have been developed for people with limited vision, which helps them better visualize the outline of objects around them.

In some cases patients with near blindness vision goggles allowed to see those first dogs to guide them better and recognize objects and people.

The Royal National Institute for the Blind (Rni, English acronym) said today that this is a «terribly important» scientific breakthrough will allow for more independence of movement for people with low vision or blindness coming.

Big and bulky, the goggles carry a three-dimensional camera connected to a laptop (placed inside a backpack) that processes images and projected in real time lenses.

Physicist Stephen Hicks, who led the study, said these lenses allow you to see obstacles along the way to avoid tripping and hoped that their use can soon spread.

«People adores. They underline how much we can see now. You can see details of the faces, hands may be, «said Hicks.

The university highlighted the case of Lyn Oliver, a woman of 70 years with a degenerative eye disease known as retinitis pigmentosa, which prevents him look good, but these lenses have helped him see for the first time the contour of an object more clearly.

The expert said that Lyn Oliver took his glasses to the mall to share their experiences.

After around corridors, Lyn said he could find the place out and see the shapes of the tables of the cafes.

A spokesman for the RNIB said today that this device could transform the lives of many people.

«I think this can be incredibly important. From what we have seen so far, they can offer more independence to partially sighted people to get out and live a normal life, «he added.