Found 28 bodies in a clandestine grave in Mexico

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At least 28 bodies were exhumed from a clandestine grave located in the southeast of Mexico, in a state that in recent years has been affected by the presence of drug trafficking and attacks on migrants.

The grave was located on a ranch in southern Veracruz state, and is still working in the area, said in a statement the state government.

The government of Veracruz did not elaborate on how long they would have died if the victims nor have any idea about his identity.

The grave was in a ranch called El Diamante, in the limits of the towns of Tres Valles and Cosamaloapan, more than 400 kilometers southeast of Mexico City.

At the site, which is guarded by marines, toil prosecutors and experts referred state government.

Veracruz has been affected by the presence of drug trafficking groups, particularly the drug cartel Los Zetas.

It is also a state used every year by thousands of Central American migrants seeking to cross Mexico to reach the United States. In recent years have reported several attacks, robberies and kidnappings.

In many states have been found dozens of unmarked graves, many of them victims of drug cartels, including migrants.

In 2010 they were killed 72 migrants in Tamaulipas state and the northeast border with Veracruz. Members of Los Zetas were blamed for the crimes and several captured.

The north of the country is one of the areas where more graves found dozens dead.

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