Schumacher was conscious with eyes open during transfer

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The Formula 1 champion Michael Schumacher was conscious and with his eyes open when he was secretly transferred to a French hospital to another in Switzerland, according to the Swiss newspaper Blick.

According to the medium, Schumacher kept his eyes open for most of the trip, 200 miles. He did not speak, but communicated shaking his head.

The transfer took place in a private ambulance. The staff does not know in advance the identity of the patient, and banned the use of mobile phones from the moment he came into contact with him.

Schumacher was transferred Monday, after he left the coma in which he was plunged. I was admitted to the French town of Grenoble in December, following an accident in the Alpine ski resort of Meribel.

The seven-time champion spokeswoman, Sabine Kehm, thanked his work to Grenoble hospital doctors and called «understanding» and that rehabilitation will be conducted in private.

Schumacher will be treated in a hospital in Lausanne, where the country’s most renowned neurologists.

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