Philip VI was proclaimed King of Spain and calls for a «full and transparent» monarchy

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Philip VI today swore the Constitution and was proclaimed king of Spain in a solemn ceremony at the Congress of Deputies.

The Speaker of the House, Jesus Posada, swore in the new monarch, to which was followed by a long applause of deputies and senators, as well as the authorities present at the parliamentary precincts.

Then Philip VI began the inaugural speech of his reign with the expression of recognition and respect for the Crown to Parliament, which – stressed – they are the custodians of national sovereignty.

The new king began his reign stressed that «with deep emotion for the honor of the Crown is to assume, aware of the responsibility that entails and the greatest hope for the future of Spain.»

Philip VI wanted to pay a «tribute of gratitude and respect» for his father, Juan Carlos de Borbón, who formalized his resignation yesterday to the throne to make way for his son.

The new monarch said the reign of his father has been «exceptional» and leaves «an extraordinary political legacy, adding that managed to be» king of all Spaniards. »

Also had words of praise for his mother, Queen Sofia, which thanked «a lifetime of work in the service impeccable Spanish», which were also received great applause.

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