Pope rejects legalizing any drug: «It is a bad and can be no concessions»

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The Pope Francisco today showed their rejection of detox treatments that use substitute drugs and the legalization of any drug.

The pontiff declared upon receiving in audience at the Vatican participants of the XXXI edition of the International Conference for Drug Control (IDEC).

«I express clearly that the drug is not defeated by the drug. The drug is a bad and evil can be no concessions or compromises, «Francisco said in the speech published by the Vatican press office.

For the Argentine potato, not «solve the problem» consent to the use of psychotropic drugs to people who continue to use drugs and added that «drug replacement therapy nor are sufficient, but a veiled way of surrendering to this phenomenon.»

On the legalization of soft drugs, Francisco explained that «besides being questionable from a legislative point of view, does not produce the effects that had been predetermined.»

And he reiterated, as he had said before, your «no, any kind of drug.»

The occasion served the Pope today to report that «the scourge of drug continuously advancing so impressive dimensions and powered by an infamous market that goes beyond national and continental borders.»

The Pope expressed his «pain and concern» especially because «the danger grows for youth and teens.»

For Bergoglio pope, who says «yes» to life, to love, to education and work, «there is room for drugs, alcohol or other agencies.»

The Argentine pope gave the example of «many young people who want to get rid of dependence on the drug, and who are determined to rebuild their lives» and said they are «an incentive to look ahead with confidence.»

Moreover, the participants of the International Conference for Drug Control wished them «to achieve the objectives of coordinating drug policies, share information and develop an operational strategy against drug trafficking.»

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