Sanctioned over 220 different local areas across the country by irregularities

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As part of a national operational verification of formal duties, professionals Seniat proceeded to impose measure immediate closure of 222 shops, a total of 318 visited assigned to the Management of Internal Revenue of the different regions of the country tax, penalties totaled over 1,574,193 bolivars in fines.

Action to the verifying taxpayers in different fields with offices throughout the country, tax irregularities found in the books of the sale related to Value Added Tax (VAT), which led to the implementation of punitive measures, such as required by Article 102 of the Tax Code (COT).

The measures implemented by the closing Seniat, between two and three days, as applicable; this operating sweep type, included a request by administrative decisions, accounting information of the operational dynamics of each establishment visited and through the provision of certificates and immediate verification requirements, was carried out a thorough and rigorous oversight of formal duties established by law, in order to detect illicit formal.

These fiscal actions are intended to review compliance with the tax laws, by merchants and industrialists who offer their services in the country, why the Customs and Tax Socialist System, sponsored by the Superintendent José David Cabello Rondon , reminds taxpayers the importance of keeping up with their obligations, which have an impact on reducing levels of tax avoidance through the implementation of mechanisms to ensure the contribution of national taxes.

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