A study relieved excess «selfies» is a sign of lack of sex

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The funny thing about it is that a new study would seem to indicate that those who follow this fashion to the extreme with their smartphones would autofotografiarse while giving information about their lousy sex life. A group of researchers from the Wageningen University in the Netherlands, found insufficient evidence to determine that the fact be many «selfies« is actually a symptom that individuals who are not satisfied with their sex life, or perhaps not even have sex.

The study was conducted by Dutch Van Christyntjes Gallagher, who the task of defining the cause of the high exposure of the sexual privacy of individuals currently proposed, based on this research developed under the title «The Photograph difficulties and loneliness. «

During his analysis took into account a lot of photos and I compared with the reality of the characters in them, and concluded that in many cases individuals make use and abuse of this tendency to try to actually hide their insecurity and lack of fulfillment in the sexual aspects of their lives.

800 people who are addicted to true «selfies« were analyzed in total and it was found in a concrete way that 83% of them did not have an active sex life, something that completely contradicted your listing, the world where people are exposed as sexy and desired.

The opportunity to be autofotos gives people a tool to build an image of themselves that does not have to be equivalent to that handle in real life, using technology to manipulate the actual image is the way they find to sell the rest something that does not exist, instead of dealing with improving your reality.

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