Collision between two trains in South Africa left 80 slightly injured

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About 80 people were slightly injured Tuesday night in the crash of two trains near Durban, South East, said rescue teams.

«There was a collision between two commuter trains of (public company) Metrorail in Berea, near the center of Durban. So far, we have about 80 people who suffered minor injuries, «said Russel Meiring AFP spokesman rescue services.

«Fortunately, nobody was seriously or fatally injured,» he added, pointing out that the most serious cases were taken to nearby hospitals.

The accident took place at around 19H00 (17H00 GMT), according to Meiring, who reported that the causes of the accident remain unknown.

South African trains carrying proximity to over 2 million people every day, mostly inhabitants of the ghettos of JohannesburgPretoria, Cape and Durban.

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