Klose beat Ronaldo: now is the top scorer with 16 goals in World

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Germany striker Miroslav Klose passed Tuesday the Brazilian Ronaldo as the top scorer of all time in the World to add his goal number 16 in the semifinal match against Brazil played in Belo Horizonte.

23 minutes on a coral close the Mannschaft, Klose played and topped his shot cleared the keeper Julio Cesar, but the striker hit 36 networks to send his second shot to make the score 2-0 provisionally.

The German, who participates in his fourth successive World, outperformed the «phenomenon» Ronaldo, member of the 2014 World Cup organizing committee, which until the beginning of Brazil’s leading solo tournament with 15 goals ranking of the best scorers in the history of the Cup World Cup.

Klose had already equaled the record on 21 June in the second game of the first phase against Ghana with a goal scored after 71 minutes, two after entering the field, which allowed the game-tying Mannschaft (2 – 2).

Like last Friday against France, the Italian Lazio player came out in the starting lineup against Brazil, but this time did not miss the opportunity to enlarge his legend at Mineirao Stadium.

Before this World Cup, where sum provisionally two goals, Klose scored four in South Africa, 2010, he was the top scorer of the World Cup 2006 with five goals, and the second top scorer in Japan-South Korea-2002, with five .

With 16 goals in world, Klose now exceeds palmares Ronaldo, who scored 15 goals in three world-France 98 (4), Japan-South Korea 2002 (8) and Germany-2006 (3) -, but also participated without playing as a substitute in the United States 94.

Les continues, with 14 fellow German Gerd ‘Torpedo’ Müller, Klose who still exceeds the number of targets with T-Nationalmannschaft, 78, against 71 for the new German bomber.

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