Ministry of Culture granted custody of «The Odalisque in red shorts» will be displayed in 15 days

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The Ministry of Culture received Tuesday the custody and protection of the work «Odalisque in red pants« by French painter Henri Matisse, the Public Ministry, which is responsible for repatriation, since it was recovered by U.S. authorities after extraction in 2002 the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The Attorney General of the Republic, Luisa Ortega Díaz, presented the work to the Minister Fidel Barbarito, who promised that within 15 days the work will be publicly exhibited at the Museum of Contemporary Art.

Barbarito reported to perform the work of rehabilitation and repair of the work, which is in optimal preservation conditions according to authorities, remain today in the dome of the Museum of Contemporary Art.

The minister highlighted the interest and commitment by the Bolivarian government to recover the work, which in judgment evidence «sensitivity for culture and science of the arts.»

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