At least 4 killed and 10 injured in Israeli shelling on Syrian targets

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At least four people were killed last night and ten others were wounded in the Syrian province of Quneitra border with the Golan Heights occupied by Israel in the Israeli bombardment aviation, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

The NGO said that warplanes attacked Israel from the Golan and a building near the house of the governor of Quneitra, located in the Syrian town of Baaz.

Currently, it is unknown if the victims are civilians or Syrian government troops.

The Observatory added that Israeli warplanes also targeted the base of the 90 Brigade of the Syrian Army, where there was an unknown number of casualties.

Israeli military sources announced yesterday that their artillery had attacked Syrian positions in response to the firing of two rockets from the Arab country against the Golan Heights, twenty four hours after the area was registered in a similar incident.

The Damascus government has not so far commented on the latest developments.

On June 23, Israeli planes attacked nine military targets in Syria, which left four dead and ten wounded, according to Damascus in retaliation for an attack the previous day from the Syrian territory in which he died an Israeli teenager in the Golan Heights.

This was the most serious incident in the Golan since 2011 began in the Syrian conflict.

Today’s events coincide with an escalation of violence in Gaza and southern Israel, which lasted just over a week, but now negotiates a ceasefire and caused more than 180 deaths.

In recent days, militants previously unknown groups have also repeatedly attacked Israel from Lebanon and Egypt.

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