Bringing to 12 the number killed in the crash in Moscow metro

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The death toll in the accident on the Moscow metro amounted to 12, the Russian Emergencies Minister Vladimir Puchkov reported.

«At the moment, I’m 12″ he said.

Among the dead is also the driver of the convoy, according to Rossiya 24 chain.

Earlier, the deputy head of the municipal Department of Health, Alexei Jripún, reported 11 dead and 120 injured following the accident.

According to the official, the victims no foreigners.

For his part, Deputy Mayor Pyotr Biryukov said 149 subway passengers sought medical help.

Russian President Vladimir Putin was informed immediately of the accident in the capital’s underground.

«The Moscow authorities informed him (the president) of the fault and the measures to be taken now Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov.

According to preliminary investigations, this morning, during the «rush hour« a drastic drop in voltage caused the alarm activation and, therefore, the emergency braking of a convoy that was circulating among Molodezhnaya and Slavonic Boulevard stations Havana blue Line subway.

As a result, three train cars derailed. One of them, where for a time remained trapped about 20 people, was the most damage suffered following the accident.

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