The Pentagon successfully tests a bullet that corrects its course

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Projects Agency Defense Advanced Research U.S. (DARPA) has successfully tested for the first time a bullet that corrects course to hit the target, which would facilitate the missions of the sniper.

The Extreme Accuracy Tasked Ordnance (MATCH) project improves the accuracy of the snipers with advanced 12.7 mm caliber ammunition that can maneuver in flight.

In a video recently revealed, DARPA shows the result of a test conducted last spring in which we can see how the missile corrects the trajectory to impact the initial target.

«To get the snipers shooting at moving targets unfavorable, such as strong winds and dusty field conditions, as in Afghanistan, is extremely complicated,» says DARPA agency in a statement.

The MATCH bullets work both day and night, increasing the lethality sniper, as if it were science fiction.

The system combines automatic optical guide and aerodynamic actuators, sensors and integrated on the bullet so that the bullet can make small corrections after shooting up to 30 for the second electronic system.

The Pentagon will now begin the second phase of this project, so that this technology can be used in the battlefield.

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