Giant Crater Found in Siberia could be the result of a meteorite

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A pit abysmal proportions was found by a helicopter pilots, who were flying the Yamal Peninsula (Western Siberia).

Experts agree that the form and size it presents, may have been the result and a meteorite impact.

Pilots who surrounded the place filmed a short video and took pictures of the find. These workers work for an oil company operating in the peninsula.

After several polls facts surrounding the phenomenon discovered it was concluded that the impact could have been a meteorite. This is concluded by the accumulation of earth from the center of the hole and the hole dark color.

However, The Siberian Times in its issue indicates that the huge hole, which is unknown yet its depthcould be a consequence of global warming.

This would have led to the release of gases from beneath the surface that have arisen with the same virulence as the cork of a champagne bottle being uncorked it.

Another researcher said that this phenomenon as some other nature are not unusual, because the earth is precipitated and’ recovered and frozen ground behaves unpredictably.

«In any case, we must study, to examine if there is any residue, fused matter, etc..« Experts highlighted area.

According to a spokesman of the local authorities, scientists «take samples for an initial analysis of water, soil, air, to see what it really is, ie, collect prior information

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