Israel bombards Gaza beach, killing four children

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Four children died on Wednesday at the Gaza beach by Israeli aircraft bombing, they found AFP reporters, so the balance of Palestinian victims after nine days of violence rose to 216.

Israeli bombs destroyed a hut on the beach where a group of children was 200 meters from a hotel in Gaza City where journalists are staying.

Several injured children took refuge in the hotel, said journalists. A total of 16 people died Wednesday as a result of Israeli bombing.

Israeli army says the goal on the beach was a Hamas member

The Israeli army said investigating the attack on a Gaza beach today claimed the lives of four children and the preliminary results suggest that the target was a member of the Islamist movement Hamas.

In a statement sent by SMS, the army also blames Hamas, which it accuses of confused between civilians and engage in urban combat.

«The army has no intention to harm civilians by Hamas involved in urban combat,» says the message.

«We are investigating the incident zealously concerned. According to preliminary results, the target of the attack was a Hamas operative. The information on civilian casualties is a tragic outcome, «he adds.

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