The controversial announcement Donetsk Defense Minister: «We warned not to fly in our skies»

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A separatist commander said on social network Twitter that the pro-Russian insurgents had shot down a Ukrainian military transport aircraft An-26 at almost the same time and in the area where the plane crashed Malaysian online.

The rebel commander, Igor Strelkov tweeted a boastful message about the downing of a military plane shortly before flying Malaysia Airlines MH17 was shot down.

The tweet stated that his rebels had shot down a military plane Antonov-26 Air Force of Ukraine. The message said: «Just down a A-26 near Snijné. This lying somewhere, «wrote the commander Igor Strelkov,« defense minister «of the» People’s Republic of Donetsk «, along with a video showing a thick black smoke in the alleged scene.

«We warn not to fly in our sky And here is a video confirmation of the «plane crash«.

Later, when it became apparent horror, Strelkov had removed the tweet. Separatist forces have flown at least three Ukrainian military aircraft in the past 48 hours.

A reporter for the news agency of Russia said: «I’m in town Grabovo, there are remains of a civilian airliner, the passports of citizens of Malaysia and the Netherlands, are everywhere

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