Kiev will be without hot water until October cut Russian gas

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The inhabitants of Kiev will be deprived of hot water from Monday and at least until October due to the economic crisis and to cut Russian gas.

«All power plants have cut the gas supply on Aug. 4,» said Kievenergo private company, controlled by Ukraine‘s richest man, Rinat Akhmetov, who has a monopoly on the heating in the Ukrainian capital city about 3 million inhabitants.

Every summer for two or three weeks, the city runs out of hot water, but this year will last until October, meanwhile warned the mayor of Kiev, Vitali Klitschko.

In mid-June, Russia cut gas supplies to Ukraine who refuses to pay the price increase required to Moscow after the fall in February, the pro-Russian Viktor Yanukovich regime and the coming to power of the pro-Western.

«We are obliged to give up the hot gas in storage for the winter water. I hope the city dwellers understand it, «Klitschko, former world boxing champion who was one of the leaders of Maidan, the pro-European protest movement that ended in a bloodbath in Kiev and dismissal of Yanukovich said.

Another municipal official Dmytro Novitski hinted that the capital be without hot water until it starts the «heating season« which starts on October 15.

«If we do not start now save gas, we will have many problems in winter,» said the officer in charge of municipal services.

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