Israel and Hamas scrupulously the first day of ceasefire

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Israel and Palestinian militants in Gaza led by the Islamist group Hamas scrupulously fulfilled the first day of a ceasefire 72 hours without being informed of incidents.

Delegations from both sides are now in Cairo, where the truce was announced last Monday, to address the option of agreeing a ceasefire more substantial, with the Egyptian government as mediator.

Registered Palestinian Gaza since the beginning of the last Israeli offensive on July 8, 1,867 dead and 9,563 wounded, mostly civilians, according to the Ministry of Health in Gaza.

On the Israeli side are 67 deceased, of which 64 are soldiers and officers in the Israeli Army killed in action and three-two Israeli civilians and tailandés- who perished as a result of the impact of projectiles fired from Gaza.

Lost in the military operation in which Israel has bombed more than 4,800 targets have been valued at 5,000 million and affect from public buildings to private property, to housing, infrastructure for water and electricity and to the deposits of its only power plant.

According to a report released Tuesday by the Palestinian Ministry of Information, based on local and international organizations statistics, around 10,600 homes have suffered from the bombings, of which 8,880 have been partially damaged and 1,724 completely destroyed.

In Israel, the Ministry of Finance and several economists estimated last week at 3.500 million the cost of armed conflict, including weapons, 82,000 reservists compensation, property damage, victims compensation and lost productivity.

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