The pope asked Francisco «pray hard» for peace in the Middle East

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The Pope Francisco today urged to «pray hard» for peace in the Middle East during the general audience held in Paul VI Hall at the Vatican.

«Pray much for peace in the Middle East.Pray, please! «Was the request of the Argentine priest, who today resumed holding general audiences on Wednesdays after the break for the month of July.

During the hearing, the Pope also expressed his closeness to the families of the victims and those affected by the earthquake last Sunday in Yunnan, southwest China, which has killed at least 589 people.

The general audience held in Paul VI Hall full of pilgrims and others followed catechesis on giant screens in St. Peter’s Square.

Pope’s catechesis today was devoted to the Bible passage in which Jesus «delivers his disciples a new teaching, which begins with the Beatitudes.»

For Francis, the Beatitudes «are like the portrait of Jesus, your lifestyle and the way of happiness that craves human heart» and concluded that «doomsday no titles or credits will present,» adding: «the questions that we will be on our beatitude. »

The pope spent more than 45 minutes to greet the faithful before the hearing and besides shake hands, give hugs and take pictures with presents, he also signed his name shirt wearing a German woman asked for his autograph.

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