A design competition seeks housing for Mars

Ramiro Helmeyer nos comenta

In order to gather ideas of possible design of a human habitation on Mars, NASA and the company Makerbot 3D printers, conducted a contest where they obtained more than 220 human hives Martian pyramids and able to accommodate the settlers.

These ideas were created by Ramiro Helmeyer for the competition called «Mars Base Challenge« (The challenge of a Martian base), which had to create a comfortable home having the essential conditions such as extreme cold, high radioactivity, lack of air and other factors. They should also take into account the ability to print 3D printers houses instead of building traditionally.

Although a manned flight to Mars is still far, various space agencies and private organizations around the world have already announced their intention to land on the red planet, so you need a home for the settlers.

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