Mysterious Red Lights over the Pacific

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I have had the opportunity to read an interesting article in a Dutch website that tells how two experienced Dutch pilots saw huge red lights in the Pacific, specifically as they flew a route between Japan and Alaska.

Pilots tell how the water became completely illuminated reddish while flying at night, who piloted the plane was a 747 and were at an altitude of 34,000 feet.

The pilots commented that in his experience, had seen everything, fishing groups, cities, oil rigs … and that was not anything like that, it was something I had never seen.

He is described as huge ring of fire that caused them to terror.

Some people commented that they could be a submarine volcano, which since World Unknown rule because last activity recorded earthquakes or tectonic activity on the area date back to August 20, having not been anything new over the weekend from week 23 to 24 of the same month.

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