Conditions dictate the tariff system for airline ticketing

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In Official Gazette No. 40,432, dated Thursday, 12 June 2014, were issued to the general conditions of the tariff system sale of air tickets.

The legislation stipulates that the present conditions is performed in order to guarantee that national air carriers have a fair chance to compete in the provision of public transportation by air of passengers, cargo and mail separately or in combination.

In addition, foster and promote tourism and fair trade internationally; apply tariff matters the double approval, both made by the governing bodies of aviation activity, as the reference to the total miles traveled by foreign air carriers; prevent the establishment of tariff price ticketing system has predatory nature, allowing the Venezuelan State to protect users against prices that are disproportionate rate and ensure that the ticketing system contributes to the safe, orderly and efficient provision public service.

Also, the Venezuelan State to require foreign air carriers operating to and from Venezuela rates with a term of 30 consecutive days prior to the date of execution thereof, including information relating to itself and the sale price service contain:

. 1 – Point of origin and destination of the operation

. 2 – Tariff Classes: (First class, business, economy and its subclasses)

3 -. Tariff Designator

. 4 – Type of trip: Round trip or one-way.

. 5 – Number of seats available in each fare class, ranked and justified by operating and equipment.

. 6 – Miles traveled from the point of origin to point of destination.

7 -. Sale price including airport taxes and fees

8 -. Conditions and Restrictions of sales contributed by the foreign air carriers for each class and subclass tariff and approved by the FAA.

The national aviation authority manifest both the approval and disapproval rates filed by carriers, which shall be sent to the email address: the provisions described above.

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