Five killed in a helicopter crash rescue ferry Sewol

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A helicopter was preparing to participate in the rescue of the sunken South Korean ferry Sewol crashed today in the city of Gwangju, southwest of the country, and five crew members died in the accident, the South Korean YTN chain.

The aircraft crashed shortly before 11.00 local time (02.00 GMT on business district Gwangsan-gu, located in the western half of the sixth largest city in South Korea, according to South Korean authorities.

The helicopter crash has left also wounded a young student who was in a nearby bus stop, according to South Korea’s YTN chain, which like other means offered images that a high column of smoke seen from several blocks apartment.

In the aircraft carrying five firefighters were preparing to participate in the search of the eleven bodies are still to be recovered from sunken ship in waters southwest of South Korea.

The dead in this new event are not the first collateral victims who left the ship Sewol accident occurred on April 16.

The ferry rescue also killed two divers above, which killed all 304 passengers and crew are added, most of them teenagers who were on a trip escolar.Cinco killed in a helicopter crash rescue ferry Sewol

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