Venezuela reached 30th place in the FIFA ranking

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After his title in the World-2014, Germany on Thursday became the new leader of the FIFA rankings, ahead of Argentina and the Netherlands, which closed the podium Brazil-2014, while Spain suffered the biggest drop in the forefront when going from first to eighth.

Second the previous ranking released in early June when the World Cup was about to start, Germany climbed to the top of his victim in front of the end of Rio (1-0 in extra time), Argentina, which by his side climbed three positions and remained as escort.

Meanwhile, the Dutch have been the most advanced with his bronze in Brazil-2014, to leap 12 steps left in the third.

Instead, Spain, previous ladder leader, was the hardest hit in the Top 10 results of a bad World, which was eliminated in the first phase, to meet Thursday at the set up eight.

Colombia and Belgium quarter-Brazil-2014, listed fourth and fifth, respectively, while the Brazilians rooms ‘their’ tournament, fell from third to seventh.

The great revelation of the World Cup, Costa Rica, surprise quarterfinalist has gained 12 places to settle now at their highest ever ranking: sixteenth.

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