Israel continued its offensive in Gaza after a seven-hour truce

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The seven-hour unilateral ceasefire declared by Israel in the Gaza Strip took a breather this devastated Palestinian enclave, where the Israeli offensive launched almost a month causes increasingly strong international condemnations.

In a climate of tension exacerbated by the war between Israel and the Palestinian Islamist movement Hamas, Jerusalem was the scene Monday of a «terrorist» attack, according to police, in which an Israeli was killed and five others were injured.

Israeli agents killed the author of the attack, a Palestinian from the occupied and annexed East Jerusalem, who overturned and rammed a bus with a bulldozer on the border with West Jerusalem.
«Israeli agents killed the author of an attack ‘terrorist’«

A relative calm reigned for his part in the Gaza Strip, where Israeli aircraft disappeared from the sky for a few hours, found the AFP. However, 21 Palestinians were killed on Monday, said the rescue services, of which 17 did so before the entry into force of the unilateral truce for seven hours. A projectile fired into a block of Shati, west of Gaza City, killed three Palestinians, including a girl of 8 years, soon after the start of this fragile truce.

Witnesses and AFP correspondents said they heard a missile almost certainly from an Israeli aircraft launched against this three-story building.  «There is no truce. How could he have truce? Are liars, do not respect their commitments, «said Ayman Mahmoud, a neighbor, in the chaos of cement left by the explosion.

Hamas rejected the truce declared by Israel.

Smoke and fire from an Israeli bomb rises into the air ove Gaza City ramiro-helmeyer-3-2


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