A more than five years after his death, Michael Jackson again accused of sexual abuse

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Five years later he died, Michael Jackson returns to cause controversy when he was accused of sexual abuse again.

This time James Safechuck, with over 3 decades of life-alleged that he was sexually abused 10 years of age by the late King of Pop, a late 80s, after recording a commercial for a recognized brand together refreshments.

According to James, was a victim of abuse by Jackson for four years and for over one hundred times which endured under the belief that «were acts of love.»

However, counsel for the estate of the renowned musical star, Howard Weitzman said in a statement that only an attempt by Safechuck for money, as it was after 20 years that made the complaint.

«This is a person who made ​​his statement last five years of the death of Michael, over 20 years after the incidents allegedly occurred and gave sworn testimony that Michael never did anything inappropriate to him,» said the letter.

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